Trends I Hate: Unboxing Videos

words by DrJohnGalt

I just don’t get these.

There’s something to be said about getting a first try at a new gadget or to be the first to watch a movie or play a game. And yes, sometimes an unboxing video stream might be cool to be a part of. It all depends on what the big reveal is; something like a Loot Crate would be fun to catch.

You know, something with a little mystery.

But unboxing a video game or “special edition” console or something with no moving parts or unique features is almost as boring as unboxing a brick.

I think unboxing is more about the bragging rights of the guy on camera than anything else. Some people still need to be the first comment on the post, or to scoop the story, or share the news before anyone else.

And please note, there’s a difference between unboxing (lame) and streaming a new game (cool). Writing a product review? Awesome! Walkthrough? Great!

But recording yourself opening a box?


What am I missing? Do you enjoy “unboxing” videos? Do you make them yourself? Explain the appeal in the comments below. Try to change my mind, please!


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