Fallout Tactics… Again?

words by DrJohnGalt

Once again this year Bethesda has announced their own little show for E3. The question on everyone’s mind is what can they possibly have to talk about this time? It’s too soon for a new Fallout. Maybe they’ve kept a new Elder Scrolls game under wraps; there’s been some hopeful whispering among bloggers and gamers. Doom will have been released. Fallout 4 DLC has already been announced, and a lot (but not all) has already been revealed. A few new projects (with no details) have been confirmed. And after the success of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda has even hinted at more mobile games in the future.

So what’s left?

What I’d love to see is a new Fallout Tactics game. I enjoyed the last one; why not roll out a new one? The cool thing is it wouldn’t have to be a full release. It would be perfect as a $20 indy-type game (which would also be a compromise between a full release and a mobile project).

There are plenty of disposable mobs to throw at you: raiders, gunners, ghouls, super-mutants, various bots, and more. And there are a bunch of different NPCs from the newer games that could make an appearance as well. So why not?

Or maybe something from the Elder Scrolls world? Something more along the lines of Tactics Ogre franchise or Final Fantasy Tactics. BioWare even recently floated the idea of a Dragon Age tactics game.

What do you think about a new Tactics-style game? Would you buy it? And what do you think Bethesda will announce for their E3 showcase this year? A new addition to an old franchise or something completely new? Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE: One of the NLPL crew has another theory. Just like the announcement last year of Fallout Shelter followed by Fallout 4, what if this year we get the Elder Scrolls card game which has been hinted at followed by a November release of the new ES game?


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