Trends I Hate: Celeb Name Drops

words by DrJohnGalt

Whenever somebody famous (or even almost-famous) mentions anything even remotely having to do with a video game during an interview or somewhere on social media, the gaming establishment can’t jump on it fast enough. 

“Hey look! [Insert famous person] knows the name of a video game! They’re one of us! That must mean we’re connected, right? We’re finally cool!”

Does the fact that Kanye likes Turbografx 16 give cred to the old system?*

Or does Ronda Rousey diggin’ WoW or Pokemon or Metroid  justify our own nerdiness?

What about Vin Diesel’s love of D&D? Or Daniel Craig’s fondness for Halo?

And who can forget all those sports stars that also play video games?

Not the gaming media, that’s for sure.

Seriously, we gamers know that video games have never been exclusive to the socially awkward virgins that used to be the stereotypical target demographic. We’ve known for a long time that regular people play games too. And sometimes that means famous people. So why do we constantly have to share “breaking news” when somebody with name recognition mentions something about video games?

You ever notice how it’s rarely about the game anyway, it’s about starstruck bloggers and their infatuation with celebrities?

Sure, there are some interesting articles that I wouldn’t include in the click-bait category with the name dropping, but still, we get it already.

The only thing more irritating than watching the gaming media establishment bend over for celeb name drops is the constant assault the gaming industry is under from the social justice warriors (and the spineless acquiescence of the gaming industry to the SJW bullying).

But that’s a post for another time…

*By the way, there were some great games for the Turbografx; it was actually my favorite console at the time.

About drjohngalt

Capitalist. Gamer. Streamer. Lonely voice standing up against the bigotry and hypocrisy of social justice warriors across the web.

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