Far Cry: Primal [review]

words by DrJohnGalt

So. Far Cry Primal. I’ll admit I was a bit worried that it would be just another Far Cry with 10,000 year-old skins.

And that’s exactly it is*.

But it works.

Primal takes the best things from the past few Far Cry games and runs with them. Sometimes it keeps what works, sometimes it even improves slightly upon them. But there’s nothing groundbreaking in terms of gameplay here. You’ve still got the resource gathering. You’ve got (very) basic weapons and gear crafting. Like previous games, there’s very little actual customization. Similarly, I had most of my skill tree unlocked before I really got too far into the game. And yes, this makes the last half of the game feel a bit unrewarding.

Kinda like the unlocking of the northern territory in Far Cry 4.

But that’s ok. Spending a bit of time exploring, gathering, and grinding at the start allows for a more fun play through later on, right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

Anyway, Primal is fresh enough to be fun; this is what I was hoping to get from Far Cry 4. There are still plant/food boosts, HQ captures, hidden collectibles, and a few easter eggs scattered around the world. Like the past franchise entries, the controls are tight. The HUD and the menus work well enough. Hunting, riding, and taming the prehistoric creatures is great. And having to fight and survive without firearms takes a bit of a different strategy than you’re probably used to.

Should this game be picked last? Let me put it this way: if you’ve been waiting for a new and fresh game world, this is it. If you are one of the few people that enjoyed the movie 10,000 BC (as I did), you’ll want to try this game. If you liked the last few Far Cry games in the franchise, you’ll need to get this game. If you liked earlier Far Cry games but didn’t even play the last one, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

But for $60?

On the other hand, if you are easily bored by repetitive missions, or if you want an online experience, or if you want a completely new Far Cry game, you might want to wait on this. It’s worth a play for sure, but the game won’t be for everyone.

*Even the map is the same used in Far Cry 4. Does it bother me? Yeah, a bit. But does it change anything I’ve said about the game? Nope.

(Photo from the gamepressure.com article)

far cry 4


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