There’s No Going Back

words by DrJohnGalt

Nostalgia? Nope. Unplayable.

I recently downloaded a bunch of old Rockstar games from the PSN sale. I have some great memories of shooting and looting my way through Liberty City and the rest back in the day and I had high hopes of reliving my youth with a quick playthrough.

Unfortunately, the games haven’t aged well.

No, it’s not the graphics (which are very dated) and it’s not the story or the mission-types (which are both weak by today’s standards). I’ve said before that graphics aren’t a big dealbreaker for me, and I’m not expecting anything new or innovative from the missions from these classic games.

It’s the controls. I can deal with the old looks and the old styles (that’s part of the nostalgia, after all). But if I can’t run, shoot, drive, or even look around without struggling, I can’t play. Or more accurately, I won’t take the time to play. I ran into the same problem when I tried to replay a few other favorite classics like Goldeneye and Riddick.

Part of it is probably because I’ve been spoiled by the streamlining of gameplay over the past few years and how responsive and user-friendly the controls and interface have become.

Instead of making a direct port of 15-year old games, how hard would it be to add a button-remapping option? (This isn’t a rhetorical question; I really have no idea how video games are coded or how difficult it would be to change this on these classic ports).

Needless to say, I won’t be running down any more hookers on GTA3 or makin’ it snow in Vice City or hanging’ with the boys on Grove Street anytime soon.

But I’m wondering what games you’ve had a chance to try. I’ve got my eye on a few other classics (Dark Cloud 2, anyone?), but are they even worth trying at this point?

UPDATE: Rockstar has released Bully and Manhunt. Who’s tried the PS4 versions? Are they also unplayable control-wise? At $15 a pop I’m not willing to take the chance.


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