Casual Co-Op?

The past few years I’ve been more into cooperative gameplay than PvP or any of the other types of versus modes. It’s just more fun getting together with a party of friends and working with each other at our own pace to beat the baddies and achieve our goals.

Screenshot of Tom Clancy's The Division from UbiSoft

Screenshot of Tom Clancy’s The Division from UbiSoft

But it’s only fun if you get a group of people that want to play the same way.  

That’s my biggest problems with so many co-op and MMO-type games. I play one way and it seems a lot of the people on my friends list play another.

I want to read the books, not just button through to the end. I want to listen to what the NPCs have to say. I want to watch the cutscenes, not skip them! I enjoy exploring the far corners of the map and not just running to the mission marker all the time. I like to collect the collectables, dammit!

I like to live the game!

I’ve been playing The Division lately but haven’t spent nearly as much time in the game as some of my other friends. When I tell them I don’t want to play with their character because of the 5- or 10- or 15-level gap they don’t seem to understand, and some have even gotten upset.

“I’ll power level you,” they tell me.

No, thanks. I want to play the game my way. I want to get the story. I want to watch the cutscenes. I want to fight the enemies and solve the puzzles and win based on my own skills, not hiding behind a near-invincible maxed-out character.

In fact, I’m finding that I much prefer going solo that getting into a power group or playing with incompatible people. After all, soloing takes more forethought and skill and planning and tactical work. And that’s fun.

The same thing happened with Rainbow Six Siege. I like to approach it as a tactical challenge. That means sending in the drones, scouting the perimeter, clearing the building tactically, room by room, and keeping in constant communication.

You just can’t get that if you’re in a party with random dudes, half of whom don’t say anything at all. Nobody bothers with reconnaissance or sit-reps. Everybody just runs in, guns blazing, trying to be the hero.

If you want that, go play Call of Duty. Asshats.

I can make similar complaints with Elder Scrolls Online. And Diablo 3. And Borderlands. And…


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