Goodbye, No Man’s Sky


Words by DrJohnGalt

I’ve decided to shelve No Man’s Sky for the foreseeable future. I really had high hopes for this game and even after a dozen hours was still torn on whether I enjoyed it or not. I was one of those unfortunates that ran into the anti-matter bug, and although Hello Games claims to have patched it up along with a host of other things, I’m still not really that excited to climb back into my star cruiser and jet around the galaxy.

NMS 02And after all the hours I put in, all the upgrades to my suit and ship and tools, all the exploration and discovery and cataloging, I’m sad and a bit disappointed that the game didn’t hold me for longer.

I’m hoping the devs not only fix the game-breaking bugs but add some more (preferably free) DLC. Give us something — anything! — more to do in the expansive universe.

Until then, it seems like there are plenty of alternatives.


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