Knack 2 | E3 2017

~words  by drjohngalt

I was probably the only one in my crew that actually enjoyed the original Knack. It was cute, creative, and entertaining. But as much as the new IP impressed me (and maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much), it still left a lot to be desired. Not bad, but there just didn’t seem to be much to it.

That said, Knack 2 is looking to have improved on a few key elements. The co-op play seems to have been a priority this time around. And that’s a good thing. Platforming seems to have been emphasized. Another plus. I saw a bunch of the original characters returning. And the pricepoint is right. A $40 day-one MSRP? It’s do-able.

Still, the first game wasn’t too long, and while fun, it was a bit empty. I will be getting Knack 2, but I don’t expect it to be on my preorder list.

Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!


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