Yes, you’re Fat. Deal with it.

words by DrJohnGalt

This has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen this week, even on a website known for publishing stupid things. Fortunately for you, I’ve read it so you don’t have to. To sum it up: because game villains are SOMETIMES portrayed as fat people, real-life fatties should feel offended and demonized.

Seems the social justice warriors have been trying to get rid of antagonist archetypes lately. Most recently criticism has been leveled at Disney for giving nefarious characters “foreign” accents, usually British or Russian or Middle-Eastern.

And now (big surprise*, right?), it’s fat people.

Let’s deconstruct the validity of the argument. Who am I kidding? There’s no validity here. No logic. Nothing even clever or fun or entertaining. Just a snowflake crying about having the same pumpkin-shaped body as a character on the TV screen.

But I wonder: If the villains are only fat sometimes, it must mean they are not fat other times. So should skinny or average body-types be triggered when they see a big bad that may have a similar build as them?

Of course not! And I’m sure you won’t hear them complain if somebody that might physically resemble them is given an unfavorable role in a video game.

If you’re fat and you’re offended by an occasional fat villain, you’re an idiot. Might be time to stop fretting about video games and start to worry a bit more about real-life problems. Like heart disease. And if you’re extremely obese and so concerned about what other people think of you that seeing a fat person in a game causes such extreme anxiety, do something more than whine online.

Maybe get off the couch, eat better, and exercise?

I know, I know. It’s rarely that easy.  But you gotta start somewhere.

You can’t say that you’re conformable with your fat body at the same time saying you’re worried about what other people think about your fat body. It’s one of the other. Either you’ve accepted how you are or you haven’t. If you have you shouldn’t be overly concerned about what others think. But if you haven’t accepted how you look then you might post poorly written screeds about being marginalized with a bunch of examples but no coherent point.

Should white people be triggered by the white villains in games? Nope. They’d get laughed out the door if they complained that “too many video game villains are white” or that “white people aren’t taken seriously in a lot of character roles in games”.

And rightly so.

You are not the game. Why would you feel demonized?

You shouldn’t.

Only that’s exactly what these fat-crusaders are saying.

I don’t think any gamer sees a fat villain and says to themselves “this evil character is fat, therefore all fat people must be evil”. No.

Well, probably not.

If the room-temperature IQ displayed by the thin-skinned snowflake who penned the linked post is indicative of the gamer culture, then maybe gamers do think that fat people are evil because they once battled a fatty in a video game. But I give gamers in general more credit; I don’t think they’re ALL idiots because the author of that article (who is a gamer) happens to be an idiot. Just like I don’t think all fat people are evil just because a character in the game is both fat and evil.

Remember the uproar from the religious right when the new Far Cry trailer dropped? “They are portraying us patriotic religious folks as cultists and crazies!” they shouted. Did the people who are now criticizing the portrayal of fatties in games join the outcry to show solidarity to their triggered brethren? Of course not; that would be foolish. If anything, the cultural message of the Far Cry game is more valid than a character who happens to be heavy.

And the article checks off all the social justice tropes you’d expect along the way to the pathetically predicable finale. It’s the fault of Trump and the alt-right. It’s the fault of the fat-shaming culture. It’s the fault of the non-fat community perpetuating the stereotypes of obesity. It’s the fault of evil corporations and their exploitation of large people. There’s plenty of blame to go around, right?

But you know who never gets blamed for being fat? The fat people themselves.

There sure are plenty of excuses. But instead of changing themselves from being the thing that makes them so uncomfortable, they want to change everybody else.

Yes, I understand some people might have a medical condition or situation and obesity isn’t preventable. But face it, that’s not the problem in most cases. The article seems to imply that just as some people are born black, or gay, or a woman, some people are born fat and they have no control over their weight.

And just when you think the post couldn’t get more inane, the word “fatphobic” even shows up.


I sometimes rant and rave about silly things, but that pot-bellied manifesto is over 3000 words of nonsense with no valid arguments and no real answers to the imaginary problems it presents.

Words are like calories, my husky friend. Sometimes fewer is better.


*see what I did there?

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