Collection: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (XB1)

words by DrJohnGalt

I always thought the idea behind the Mirror’s Edge games from EA/Dice was kind of cool, but I never got around to playing the original 2008 release. But as a collector I can’t pass up a deal, and when I found a new copy of the 2016 Catalyst sequel for under $5 I decided to jump in with both feet to see how much fun these first-person action-adventures actually were.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (XB1)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (XB1)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst isn’t really a true sequel, but more a re-imagining of the original game. And that means it’s also built around protagonist and parkouresse Faith Connors, this time exploring the backstory and her origins.

The newer game offers a more open-world experience, but some have argued this takes away from the direction and impact of an already flimsy story. Both critics and player reviews were mixed at best, with complaints often calling attention to the weak plot and characters.

I’m looking forward to at least dipping my toe into this game. Will I stick with it ’til the end? I loved the first-person parkour action of Dying Light and am hoping this plays somewhat similar. But after reading some reviews I don’t have high expectations for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which means I won’t be terribly disappointed. But I’m always down to try out new games! I often like games that other players don’t for some reason. Know what I mean?

Who’s played this? How does it compare to the first game?


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