Collection: Monster Hunter World (PS4)

words by DrJohnGalt

I don’t often pre-order games anymore, but this one’s been on my list since it was announced at 2017’s E3 convention. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World hit shelves January 2018 and not only lives up to the expectations of long-time fans, it improves on many of the expected elements the previous Hunter titles offered. It’s a bit more accessible for franchise newbs but still manages to scratch the itch for the veteran hunters. The game is bigger, better, and delivers in spades the all-around polish demanded from current-gen console players. The game has received almost universal acclaim from critics and players alike.

Monster Hunter World blog

Monster Hunter World (PS4)

But it’s my first game in the MH world so I don’t have any first-hand experience to make comparisons. So far I haven’t been disappointed. Sure, there are a few things I’d like changed (ease of finding and connecting with friends in co-op missions, for example) but the grind of the gameplay hasn’t stopped being enjoyable. Yet.

I never got into the older console games and skipped the handheld entries but after playing Monster Hunter World I may just find time to go back and check them out.

Who’s played this? What do you think? And how does this compare to earlier titles?


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