Q&A: What’s a Game You Recommend Everyone Play?

words by DrJohnGalt

It’s very frequent that when a friend come over and says “oh you really have to try this game, it’s great!” probably the game is not that good. And this is because we often associate our first games or the games we played as a child with the concept of “good game”. Well, if you have a favourite and rather obscure game you loved as a kid try to play it again now, probably you’ll find out that it was not that good.

This week’s question: What game would you recommend everyone play?

This question is deceptively challenging. The first few titles that jumped to my mind were my own favorite games, the ones I enjoyed playing. But there are so many games and so many people, is there a game that appeals to everyone? There are those that don’t like role playing games, or shooters, or sports titles, or simulators. And forget hardcore gamers; is there a game that casuals or even non-gamers would enjoy?

No, there isn’t.

First I wanted to list a few Total War entries. Rome. Rome 2. Napoleon. Warhammer. I absolutely love those games. But then I remembered there’s such a steep learning curve that it scares away a lot of gamers. And I had to admit that even many seasoned veterans find strategy and RTS-types are boring.

So that was out.

What about a JRPG? Maye Chrono Trigger? It’s classic. Timeless, even. Or a Final Fantasy title? But that grind isn’t for everyone. Some people want to jump in and have fun without having to worry about leveling and following a deep story. They want entertainment here and now. They want something to pick up, play, put down and forget for six months.

And that’s not something you can do with JRPGs

So no to that.

Maybe an action RPG? Something from the Fallout franchise, or maybe the Elder Scrolls series? I’d recommend the newest entry of both because they looks sharper, they have streamlined gameplay, a solid story, and they’ve been dumbed-down from previous titles to make them more accessible to rookies. But the complaint that the games is too overwhelming, the world is too open with too much to do and not enough direction is one I hear from many players new to the games.

How about something a bit more linear, like the Witcher 3? Another personal favorite, but again, there’s so much to do. Plus the story might be a bit dark for casuals.

I thoroughly enjoyed both N64 Zelda games, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. Both look good, have memorable music, great stories, fun gameplay, and everything else I look for in a great game. I could recommend these to any gamer, new or experienced.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Finally I decided on Super Mario Galaxy. It looks nice, it’s fun, and I love the worlds, the characters, the bosses. There’s not a huge learning curve. Almost anyone with a little coordination can pick it up and play. It’s great for young and old gamers alike. And you can drop in for a level or two each time your power it up, there’s no 2+ hour commitment to grind through a mission or a hunt for a checkpoint. Besides, who doesn’t love Mario? Sure, I’ve admitted the original NES games are not my favorites (I can hear the gasps from retro gamers across the web), but I do love the characters and the Mushroom Kingdom the entire gameworld is built in.

So I’d personally recommend any and all of the games mentioned, but for the novice gamer, Super Mario Galaxy is the place to start.

What’s a must-play game that you’d recommend to anyone? Let me know in the comments below

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