Collection: School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PS4)

words by DrJohnGalt

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is one of those games that very few people in North America care about, in part because it’s such a “Japanese” game (which means a lot of casual players aren’t interested) and in part because the reviews aren’t very flattering.  The game is a PS4 exclusive, Developed by Tamsoft and published and released stateside by Aksys Games in November of 2017.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PS4)

School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PS4)

To be honest SG/ZH isn’t a game I’d normally be into. A horde-mode third-person shooter set in the Oneechanbara universe (but not directly tied to any previous stories or games) and featuring the increasingly prevalent gimmick of cute girls taking damage and losing their clothes.

I’m beyond being sold by a gimmick like this, and I’m not really into the horde fights.

But I am a video game collector…

And then it went on sale. More than half off the already inexpensive original price. And (as a friend pointed out) it features 5-player co-op. So of course I had to try it!

It was fun for a few hours, but the co-op got hard, fast. Giggity. I’ve unlocked the core group of girls, but it’s going to take a lot of grinding to get to the later stages in the game.

What’s a game you bought that you didn’t expect much from? Where you disappointed? Let me know in the comments below!





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