Q&A: What’s Your Game System of Choice?

words by DrJohnGalt

This week’s question: What’s your go-to game system?

Earlier in the series I talked a bit about why the PS2 is my favorite console of all time. But the question this week is a little different. What’s your system of choice? What do I play the most today? Is it still a retro con?

PlayStation or XBOX?

PlayStation or XBOX?

An original Nintendo, maybe? Those are indeed iconic. But for me a little goes a long way with the 8-bit systems. They’re fun for an afternoon, but most of the games just can’t hold my interest anymore. I need depth!

Is it still the PS2?

No, no it’s not.

I’m gonna have to cheat this week because, really, can a hardcore gamer only have one system of choice? How do you choose?

In terms of console, my go-to is the PlayStation 4. I think it’s only because I had a day-one PS4 on order and so many of my other friends have one. And even if I’m playing a solo game I still enjoy chatting with the crew online. A few things I like about the Sony console: The dashboard is definitely more intuitive; faster. The exclusive games are more fun overall. And the software isn’t seem as clunky.

But the XBOX1 is a close second. It’s the controller, stupid! I like the staggered thumbsticks and the more beefy, palm-filling solidity so much more than anything else I’ve played on. And on average they have better “free” games every month. Microsoft also allows for party chat with my El Gato (for some reason, Sony blocks party chat unless I use their Twitch app to livestream). But the big seller for me to also get an XBOX1 is the backward compatibility. I probably play just as many (or more) backwards compatible games on my XBOX1 than I do current-gen titles. And the recent announcement that original XBOX games are now coming online just made things even better!

Each system does things right in terms of hardware. You can debate the merits of this or that, but they both get the job done for me. I’m not a huge tech geek; as long as I’m having fun I’m not overly concerned about about 4k or 60 fps or things like that.

But since we’re talking about hardware, let’s not forget the PC.

In the early days, PC gaming sucked. Machines had little power and there was too much that could go wrong. But today gaming PC hardware can be (and often is) superior to the home consoles. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten something that’s a step above the potato I’d been playing on before, but it was worth the price. Despite the relatively cost-prohibitive price tag of a decent gaming rig compared to consoles, it’s totally worth the money. Day-one games are similarly priced, but the sales are far more frequent, and great bundle deals are available. You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee to play online, and the streaming options are a lot better from a PC-based platform. And I just can’t play RTS games, or city builders, or number-crunching management games or a lot of other things on a console. The opposite is try as well. I can’t play platformers or shooters or action games on a mouse and keyboard; luckily most games are playable with my XBOX1 controller!

The biggest downer is that collecting digital PC games just isn’t fun. Sure, you can compare your library with your friends, but there’s just something about getting a physical game to hold and stick up on a shelf that’s just more satisfying.

Besides, sometimes I just want to sit on the couch, chat with friends, and relax.

So what’s your go-to console? Let me know in the comments below!


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