Collection: Karnov (NES)

words by DrJohnGalt

This week I snagged one of my childhood favorites, Karnov. Originally released in North America in January 1988 by Data East, Karnov is an action-platformer port of the ‘87 arcade hit. I’d played the coin-op game a few times but it didn’t really hit my list of favorites until I’d had a chance to dig into it on the NES home console.

Karnov NES (1988)

Karnov NES (1988)

Playing as Russian strongman Karnov, the player navigates interesting levels of fun enemies. The two-hit death and retro gameplay is frustrating (not to mention really clunky by today’s standards), so I’m not sure why this is a favorite. I think it’s more about the nostalgia than the game itself. I remember when my buddy’s older brother picked this up; we played it all that week after school and got some pizzas and played it all night that first Friday. I was never very good, but we sunk so many hours into learning the levels, where to stand, when to jump, and how to move that Karnov became a part of me. We never did finish it (and to this day I’ve yet to see the end) but for some reason that experience left such an impression that I wanted to check out the game again.

I’ve read online that in under two years the game sold more than 250k units, but I don’t really think it was that popular in my area. I’ve only ever seen the cart at my friend’s house all those years ago and haven’t seen one in the wild since. But I got a good price on this CIB buy online so couldn’t pass on it.

The muscle-bound punch-meister also makes a few cameos in other games. Where else have you spotted Karnov? Let me know in the comments below!


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