Q&A: Favorite Video Game Cutscene

words by DrJohnGalt

This week’s question: Favorite video game cut scene?

Well, I’m not sure of my favorite. I’ve seen so many good ones and I’ve seen quite a few bad ones, but how many of them are memorable? I think we could all agree that scene from Final Fantasy VII has stuck with most people over the years. And I’ve talked about Bioshock: Infinite before, and that’s got a lot of nice cutscenes throughout the game. And most recently I’ve completed Far Cry 5, and the final scenes of that were great.

But let’s not be so serious. Remember the iconic Conker’s Bad Fur Day? So much fun here, so many good cutscenes, but one of my favorites ever is the Mighty Poo battle.

What are some of your favorite video game cutscenes? Let me know in the comments below!


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