Q&A: Favorite Video Game Genres

words by DrJohnGalt

This week’s question: What are your favorite video game genres?

There was a time when I would have said my favorite genre was role-playing games. But so much has changed over the years that I need to update that statement a bit. I used to love games like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, the Final Fantasy games, and all the rest. But the old-style role players (JRPGs in particular) have gotten a bit stale for me with their linear stories, random encounters, and turn-based combat.

If you’ve watched me on Twitch you know that I absolutely love my open-world action RPG games! The Fallout franchise, the Elder Scrolls series, even the Fables and of course the Witcher 3. It’s a hard genre to get right, and there are a bunch of imitators, but when you nail it, you nail it! The replay value is almost limitless for a lot of these titles; new choices, new stories, new skills, sometimes even new races and classes. Want to play good? Want to play evil? Ally with one faction or guild or the other? No problem!

And of course I have to mention I also really, really enjoy historical strategy games. Not particularly what I call “RTS-lite” types like Starcraft and Warcraft and Company of Heroes, but more in-depth, all-encompassing games like the Total War series. Give me not just tactical battlefield play, but grand strategy, city building, lineage longevity, economics and money management, research trees, and everything else!

I also enjoy tactical games, squad-based and otherwise. Ogre Battle (and Tactics), Final Fantasy Tactics, Joanne D’Arc, and more. I have a great time building a team, leveling up the characters, then trying my builds in battle.

What are some of your favorite genres? What have you grown out of? What do you play now?


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