Collection: The Legend of Zelda (NES)

The Legend of Zelda (NES)

words by DrJohnGalt

I still remember the first time I saw The Legend of Zelda. I’d just started middle school and was riding the bus when one of the older kids got on carrying a Nintendo Power magazine. We got to talking and he invited me over to play some games that weekend. He lived just over a mile away, but for a kid with nothing but a skateboard the trip to his house seemed to take forever. Oh, but it was worth it!

We sat and played Zelda all afternoon. We’d trade off, doing a little exploration or punching a dungeon or saving Rupees for gear and upgrades. His parents had got him a subscription to Nintendo Power magazine early on and he had every issue from the first. So we flipped through those, reading up on some the secrets of the game (my friend was also armed with the Official Nintendo Players Guide) and we spent the day with Link. He had other games I wanted to play, but the shiny gold Zelda cart never left the console. I went back the next day and the following weekend but we still hadn’t finished the game.

By the next time I made it over to his house I found out he’d traded the game for some others, so my Zelda experience was cut short.

It was a few years after that before I was able to borrow the game from somebody and play it thru to the end for myself.

And now I’m glad to report that I’ve added the game to my collection! An original (verified) gold cart Legend of Zelda game, complete in box with all inserts and instruction booklet. The game was released February 1986 by Nintendo and is sought after by fans and collectors alike. While not particularly rare or even hard to find, Zelda  is demand because, well, it’s a freakin’ awesome game! It’s a Nintendo staple, an iconic franchise that a lot of casual collectors want to get their hands on. So naturally the game gets pretty pricey when it comes to CIB purchases. The game is the first NES title to sell over a million copies, and there have been a bunch of sequels and spin-offs since the original release.

There’s no argument this is one of the best franchises ever.

But there is some argument as to whether this is an early RPG or an action-adventure game.

So who’s got an original copy of Zelda? And do you think it’s an RPG? Let me know in the comments below!



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